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Weekend Roundup: FSU Football, Convenience Store Lunch

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This week the weather has been rather unfortunate in Austin: overcast skies, numerous thunderstorms, and of course – the floods. It has been a very bad week for plenty of people around these parts. David and I have been trying out a bunch of new restaurants all over town since we moved here. Austin really is a fantastic place for the foodie adventurer, if there is such a thing. I read about a small South Indian restaurant called Whip In on Austin Eater¬†that sounded intriguing (and affordable) so we decided…read more

What We’re Watching: Movies

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Since Breaking Bad has wrapped up and Mad Men went on hiatus the amount of TV that my boyfriend and I watch has dwindled to almost nothing. Outside of those we keep up with Sons of Anarchy and Bob’s Burgers, but that’s about it. We do love our Netflix and it was thanks to it that we got into great shows like the aforementioned, amongst others. We’re just not really TV people and I am not a movie person (it’s hard to get me to sit still for long periods…read more

A Love Letter to Austin, TX

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I like knowing that I am now living in Austin by way of Pittsburgh by way of Florida (by way of Germany …). I’ve always wanted to lead an interesting life, which is a trait that runs in my family. My grandma came from a family of 12 in South Carolina before she packed up and moved to Jacksonville, FL, moving onto her sister’s couch before foraging a life of her own. My mother graduated high school and immediately moved to Nuremburg, Germany to be with her then husband (my…read more

Fitness Focus: Increase Flexibility in Your Shoulders

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My absolute favorite workout video by Esther Ekhart for opening your shoulders, chest, and strengthening your upper back. You can see more of her great videos on YouTube.


Yoga in Photos

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My new favorite activity is yoga. I know, I’m on “that” bandwagon, but I don’t care how many hippies turn their noses up at me and my new found love. I do *love* yoga. It’s relaxing, it’s challenging, it’s addictive. Some months ago I got my boyfriend to take some photos of me in the few poses I could manage to hold long enough. It was actually fun, though I normally hate having my picture taken, rarely even for ¬†silly iPhone photos. So why the sudden desire? Not sure. I…read more


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